A slap in the face for money (a short story)

Olagungun was intially shy to tell his wife the truth about where the money is coming from, though it was little, too little, but it put small something in the belly of his family, “I made it from menial job.”

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The wife was getting desperate, all she cares about now is to have something for the children to eat, and if she get for herself and her husband, all well and good.

This afternoon, Olagungun confessed, “We have to manage this money, it will be three days before I can come up with something again.” His throat went dry because of what he was going to say next. “I received the money that I have been bringing home for the past two weeks from getting slapped by Chief”.

Kemi shrugged, “you have done well, it takes courage to do what you have done.” She went to cuddle him, they used to be romantic family, but the hardship is hitting hard. She did not add that she has been seeing the mark. She also concealed the fact that the same Chief has asked to sleep with her for money, that would be worst thing to do to the reputation of her husband if she accepts it, so let them starve.

Jokotade their third son begin to run temperature the second day, and they have used all the money to tied down food stuff to prevent any pressing need from forcing them not to eat. They tried few alternative medicine which failed. Olagunjun was already heading toward Chief’s house before he shouted back his intention to his wife. The woman started to shed hot tears.

Olagunjun knew the worst that will happen was for him to lose the use of his left ear. But that day he met Chief in the company of his wife, and because the Chief’s wife was there he gave him money without a slap. If he had slapped him, the wife would have been very angry.

Why was the Chief so cruel? He had rough childhood, nobody gave him a chance to succeed, and he did, he decided to change the society, offering free help with his money, but people takes his good nature for granted, people came to him telling big lies to get money from him, and they go behind him to mock him. So he decided to be wicked, He decided that he will slap anybody that needs his help first before helping them.

Olagunjun was not one of those that get money from him with lies, he never mocked him, but they were classmates, and back in the days, Olagunjun was the best in the class, they measures the Chief against him all the time, and that result into mockery, Olagunju never defended him.

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