Bodunde (A short story)

Uncle Henry is not somebody Bodunde will like to stay with, but he had no choice, he had to go and put up in his house, this was because he could not get a hostel accommodation in the University of Izuka where he had just got an admission to study medicine. The thought of this damping his feeling of excitement of getting admission which is a very difficult task in Nigeria, especially, when you get admission to study medicine in any University.

“I will only stay until next session when I hope to get an hostel accommodation.” Bodunde explained to Uncle Henry that first evening in his house, they were sited in the huge seating room, with the family of his Uncle, he was sure that this was a big inconvenience to him.

“You are going nowhere my dear, this is where you will be staying throughout your studies.” Uncle Henry gave a verdict which made him to fear.

“Uncle Bodunde please stay, we love you.” The three children, one girl and two boys of Uncle Henry persuaded him.

“We will love to have you here.” The beautiful wife of his Uncle added, she is Igbo.

Staying with Uncle Henry was the best experience that he had ever had in his life, he was spoiled by him, imagine the Uncle bribing him to take a flight with him and some of his friend for a business trip to Abuja, “Bodunde, if you are free by this weekend, and you agree to follow me to Abuja, I will dash you N10,000, and we are going on a plane.”

Bodunde jumped on the offer, and he had the best time of his life, the Uncle was always giving him money for his upkeep every week, the Uncle’s family were the best, they treat him well that he did not miss home, and he does not even remember the plan to go and get a hostel accommodation anymore.

This was not the Uncle Henry that he grew up to know, they were related from his maternal side, and his childhood memory of him was of a strict disciplinarian, any time Bodunde and his siblings visit the grandmother, where he was staying, he was always threatening them to stay clear of his stuff, and to conduct themselves very well or they will be flogged, he could remember several occasions where he flogged him and his siblings, his presence in that house made the little Bodunde not to want to visit the good grandmother- the grandfather was long dead before then, until the Uncle left that House.

Anytime Uncle Henry comes to visit their family, the children are also not themselves, he is the younger brother of their father, and he ordered the children around as if it is his house, he will not allow them to play around and he does not allow any act of indiscipline. Bodunde was on the phone in the first week of his stay at the house with his elder sister Sayo, “Can you believe that Uncle Bodunde is such a nice man?”
“Don’t fool yourself, he is treating you like that because you are new in his house, he will soon change.” Sayo cautioned him.

He waited for the Uncle to change, but he did not, the Uncle usually take him to Night Club every weekend, he was the one that thought him to drink beer, smoke cigarette, and to have sex. All these was fun to him, this also helped him to forget the academic stress of University.

Finally, when Bodunde completed his education it was as if he should not live the family of his Uncle, but he had to, the luxury that the Uncle introduced him to affected him for sometimes as he had to struggle with his finance in his service year, initially, he was either calling home for money or begin the Uncle for help.

Then Bodunde met Christ, and he wanted to payback the Uncle, he had no way to reward the him because he has become so rich. The only thing he could think of was to bring the Uncle to Christ. He told the Uncle that he was coming to visit, and when he got there he started, “Uncle you did many good things for me, but you also did me so much harm.”

“Harm, what are you talking about, how can I harm my Nephew?”
“Uncle you thought me how to smoke, drink, and you had extra marital affairs…”
“What is bad in that?”
“It is a sin Uncle.”#
The Uncle hesitated, “Are you born again like Iya Shade too?” His wife is called Iya Shade after their first daughter.
“If She is born again, that makes my job easier, because I intend to convert everybody in your family.”

“I promised you that you will fail.”

“I will tell your wife that you sleep around.”

“You will be wasting your time, because she knows.”

“Uncle how will you feel if somebody is sleeping with your wife?” That question hurts the Uncle, because one of his friend was going through similar thing, the wife is cheating on him as a revenge for his unfaithfulness. “And if your daughter pick this terrible habit from her mother.”
“Stop right there Bodunde.”

The boy could read the mind of the Uncle before he even told him that he was struggling with the idea to change these bad attitude before it caught up with him like his friend.

“Let Jesus help you Uncle, you have nothing to lose by accepting Jesus.”

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