Bounce back (a short story)

“I am really sorry.” Jake complete the statement in the press conference that his manager called urgently to savage the situation, but this does not help his case, everything was falling apart, it was so fast that he cannot belief it.
He was the King of Gulf, since he broke into the sport, he had won all the titles, broken every record, set new record and when their was nothing to excite him again, He started breaking his own record, and with his success in the most expensive sport in the world comes fame and fortune to him.

Now his fame has been replaced with shame, and his fortune has been splinted in half by his wife who shows no companion for his situation, anyway, she was the reason why all these is happening to him, he cheated on her, she leaked the information and sue for divorce, she got it and he was brought down, all the advert contract has been withdrawn, all his endorsement, and Ambassadorial contract has been withdrawn. The Laura, the Lady that Jake was having affair with was even married, but she didn’t allow him to know, her husband is threatening to sue him, now he had nothing, not his children, his wife and family to support him at this crucial moment in his life.

The next game that he played he came fifth, and from that game forward he was becoming worst, “why can’t you just take a break from the games, go somewhere and relax until the tension goes down.” A journalism counseled him. Jake took the advice and disappeared.

A month in Isolation, Becky came to look for him. “Hey!!!” She greeted him.

“You are the last person I am expecting here, how did you get my location?”

She got the information from his elder Brother Rowland who will not even see him. Becky was discovered his talent for gulf, she took him up, trained him until he begins to win big in the game, they easily fell in love because they were young and they were of the same age, until he become greedy, he switched to bigger coach who has great contact and influence who could make him more money, he did not find Becky as beautiful as he want, so he married a model. “You look terrible.”
“Becky I am sorry.”
“I did not come for that.”
“Then why are you here?”
“I am here to help.”

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And somehow, Jake knows that she could help him, things ordinarily went back to how it used to be, it was as if they never separated, they were just enjoying the company of each other, “I want us to take things slow, because we are going to be doing this for a long time.”
“How long?” He queried, “For how long?” He repeated when she did not reply him.
“I want you to found your real self again, find who you truly are, without that I am not going to train with you.”
He looked at her beautiful and intelligent face, he knew that he cannot afford to ruin this again, he nodded, and they only play, talk, and enjoy themselves, it was at the time that he was forgetting about his past last that she told him, “training start tomorrow.”
“I feel fresh. The kind of freshness that I have never felt in a long time.”
They decided to enter for the next global golf competition, but then Becky made her demands. “I want my man back, you will marry me and stay committed to me for the rest of your life, and if you cannot do that for me, I will sneak out of your life right now.”
Jake did not have to think about it, this is the woman for him, “I love you, and I don’t want to ever lose you again.”
Two things worked for him in the next game, the world had missed him, and nobody expect him to recover and bounce back that quickly. He surprised everybody including himself, there was news prowess in him now that was never there. He came back to his winning stride.
The world was initially held back from rushing to embrace him. But gradually as the victory started coming in, the fans begins to come back, the contract, the endorse, the ambassadorial deal all came back. The estrange wife also came back to apologize, she was sorry.
Becky had a daughter for him after three years.

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