Coronavirus – 4 weeks of compulsory holiday

Coronavirus has thought everybody that the most important thing in this world is life, take the human existence from this planet and everything will become meaningless and a jungle for the animals.

There are several occupations, careers and activities that are preoccupying people that are not essential, that the ongoing lockdown should cause those concerns to have a rethink.

All the crazy hustle for money has suddenly stopped, the sport has stopped, the music concert and the movie cinema has all stop, these things seems to be the essential part of our lives before now, it was even stealing the peace, love, joy and health of those that are caught in them, the professionals, the business men and the fans.

Now everybody is back home for a compulsory holiday, and they have the chance to look back, and slowdown and see the most important thing in this world which is life. Families, love ones and friends.

Many world leaders were busy flying around to endless meetings, after which they will return home to meetings with no time to spare for anybody else, and despite all these meetings, nothing seems to be changing, the challenges of many nations are not getting solved.

The people that elected leaders hardly see them, how can you lead a nation without spending appropriate time with them? So the holiday is helping the world leaders to hold virtual meeting over important world matters? This is a lesson for every leader. Those big conferences are not important.

Many parents do multiple jobs, it is not much of their fault, but the pressure of meeting the demands of the family which includes; education, feeding, clothing, shelter, health, fun etc and these have led to neglect and abandonment of spouse and children, many are just learning that the world will not come to an end if some of the thing they pursue are not there.

Many stars in sport, music, acting, and speaking career have been carried away by their fame and fortune, and the desire to stay on the top of their act, they don’t have time for anything else, many of their love one are hurting, and making sacrifices of having to live with their absence all the time.

The health damage of staying famous is unquantifiable to many, but now, they are learning. They have to stay at home, be with the spouse, children and family compulsorily, rest and be a spectator for ones.

The world is learning that the real heroes, the real superstars are the farmers that grow the food that we eat, without food we are dead, the Medical personnel’s that keep us alive, the researchers that are looking for solution to health and other problems, the inventors that are making things that we take for granted everyday available, it is the time of these people to shine, and when this holiday is over, the world might forget them and begin to chase after frivolity again, but it will be on record that they are the one that got us out of this situation and the one that has been keeping us safe all the time.

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