Some words that the Coronavirus has made very popular

Coronavirus has made some words very popular and they are the most common thing in the lips of the people this days as  they wait for this lockdown to be lifted and the life to return to normal.

1 COVID19: The word COVID19 is the abbreviation for the word Coronavirus, it was not in existence before now, but it is the most popular word at the moment, the word COVID19 is popular because it is an escape for the people that might find the pronunciation of Coronavirus difficult, and it is easy to write.

2 Lockdown: This is the word for the restriction of movement, the curfew and the compulsory holiday in which almost entire world has found itself, the reason for the curfew is that if there is no movement the infection will not be able spread and it will help to reduced it to those that are infected already. It mainly spread from the infected people

3 Social distance: This is the need for people to give some distance between themselves and other people, the distance is such that an infected person will not be able to spread virus to the next person,  if the social distance is maintained

4 Palliative: This is the assistance that people need to survive this curfew, the major problem of the coronavirus is that many people lack money, food, and other basic provision without which they cannot survive. The Government and blessed members of the community assist with these things

5 Mask: This is to cover the mouth and nose, because the virus can be spread through sneezing and coughing, but this is more of the appearance than word.

6 Test kit: This is for the Medical personnel who test  to know the status of the people whether they have the virus or not

7 Hazard allowance: This is the little amount that is paid to the medical personnel that are fighting to treat and test the people, this word is not so popular in most of the African countries before now. These are some of the words that are trending in this coronavirus pandemic period as the world waits for the solution to this problem

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