The Lesson Coronavirus is teaching Africa

Africa has been depending on the rest of the world for everything in the past, that it has become a kind of culture to expect hand down from the developed country of the world for virtually everything. Africa is the dumping ground of the world no doubt, and that might be about to change after the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus struck from the least expected place, starting from China that is perceive to be the next most powerful country in the world, and spreading from there to Europe and USA, and as powerful as those countries are the cure is still evading them, this comes as a shock to the aforementioned country’s and Africa, in Africa, it seems the help always come from this countries, and now that they cannot even help themselves, that means Africa has no option than to look inward.

And earlier in the Coronavirus infection crisis, the rest of the world were complaining that it was not as devastating in Africa like it has done elsewhere, though that made the continent to take things for granted, but now that it is here, Africa is still fearing better in surviving the virus, some says it is the heat or the vitality of the African. Africa has suddenly become a mystery.

Even where the alternative medicine was concerned, Africa seems to have quit the stage for China and other Asian who flooded everywhere with their alternative medicine, if this medicine fails the Chinese, that means Africa should have provided a better alternative.

Africa! Africa!! It is your time to arise, in fact the timing is so perfect, as the world enters the third decade in the new millennium, and Africa will do better to push itself forward and begin to avail the world her contribution to solving global challenges.

This virus is causing any African countries to resurrect their dead medical facilities and to equip them, there are several ventilator and other medical equipment that has been acquired in Africa to meet the challenge of the moment. The only reason is that the leader of any country has no opportunity to escape to seek medical assistance in the develop countries.

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