Can the year 2020 get any worse than it is?

We can make movie out of the year 2020 and it will be an action thriller, there is so much adrenaline raising events in the few months that is past, from unquenchable bush fire in Australia, to US versus Iran propelled prelude to the third world war and now COVID-19, though nobody wants to exercise the thought of something worst happening, and what if it does?The above might be the preamble for the end of the world, because everything that has happened this far is typical of an apocalypse.

Many Christians are saying all these problems is God punishing the world for their sin, so the world might be about to end, and for those who are religious among us, it is better to be ready than to be left behind.

A natural disaster might still happen, the period of the year that is prone to flood, windstorms are still ahead, these period is from spring to fall in the US and  between June and August in Nigeria and there are others natural disaster like the comet and the earthquake etc. In this case, one can only wish that none of these will happen anymore this year.

Economic war is likely to happen between the world most developed economy, this is as a result of struggle over the control of the economy of the world, this has generated heated argument already this year, as many are pointing accusing fingers at China for spreading COVID-19 to paralyzed the economy of the rest of the world in other to pave way for her economy to global ruler.

Terror might break loose as well, because some opportunist might start getting ideas about how to cause confusion from this counter argument among the world powers, and then started to terrorize the world as the world come out of COVID-19 for their own advantage.

Finally, it may take longer to recover from the damage of COVID-19 than expected, many companies were not prepared for the lockdown, and when it started nobody expect that it will last this long, so the period of recovery maybe slow and painful. It will be terrible to list the above trouble without outlining the fact that this year can still be the best year for the world.

Things can turn around very beautifully and this is what I wish for us, a lots of technological breakthrough can happen and this will change the game.

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